Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Virtual attendees

At this time, we are not encouraging virtual attendees.  The plan is to have an “in-person” conference, but that’s assuming there are no major public health restrictions that will result in people not being authorized by their organization to travel.   The Pecora 22 Steering Committee will revisit this issue as we get closer to October.

Virtual presenters

Since each technical session room and the plenary room will have internet, we will allow virtual presentations, but only for people that are presenting and not for people who just want to attend.    They would have to pay a registration fee and their abstract or presentation or paper would be in the conference proceedings.

Travel Funds

We have already received several inquiries on the availability of providing funding to cover people’s travel, hotel, etc.  Unfortunately, we have never been able to support these requests at past Pecora conferences and this is our policy for Pecora 22.


There will be no formal proceedings or special journal issue for the Pecora 22 conference.  The most recent abstract or presentation or paper for each speaker will be captured and placed on the Pecora 22 website.  People will submit abstracts that go through a technical review by the Technical Program Committee.  Accepted abstracts will be placed in sessions and speakers will provide their presentations either before or at the conference and by the end of the conference we should have the abstract and presentation for each talk.  These will be linked to the agenda on the Pecora website.

We will accept written papers, which can be linked in the agenda and will suggest that speakers who want a published paper to submit their manuscript to ASPRS or another journal for publication.